25th March 2017

Decided to put the trap out again last night even thought it remained quite windy and had New for Year the Twin-spotted Quaker (Pic Below) along with the usual candidates, of out today looking for Purple Hairstreak eggs so if I get lucky I will post some pictures later.


Classification Taxon Vernacular Individuals Status
Moths & butterflies Orthosia cerasi Common Quaker 4 Common
Moths & butterflies Orthosia gothica Hebrew Character 3 Common
Moths & butterflies Xylocampa areola Early Grey 3 Common
Moths & butterflies Orthosia incerta Clouded Drab 1 Common
Moths & butterflies Biston strataria Oak Beauty 3 Common
Moths & butterflies Alsophila aescularia March Moth 1 Common
Moths & butterflies Anorthoa munda Twin-spotted Quaker 1 Common




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