Sunday 26th March 2017 Purple Hairstreak (Favonius quercus) Ovum

As I said I went out on Sunday with a friend to find some Purple Hairstreak Ovum, whilst it took longer than we thought we did find 4 or 5 individuals. The eggs are usually laid on mature oak in woodland and parks but these individuals are from old stunted trees found on a shingle beach, As you can see they are very small and when covered in algae of some sort they can be more difficult to spot but it is just a case of getting your eye in. I have loaded image un-cropped then cropped so you can get an idea of the size.

Back to the moths the weekend and depending on weather may look for something else of interest, possible Small Copper Larvae another needle in the haystack.

Purple Hairstreak 1 Ovum 1aPurple Hairstreak 1a Ovum cropped

Purple Hairstreak 1 OvumPurple Hairstreak Ovum 1 Cropped

Purple Hairstreak 2a OvumPurple Hairstreak 2a Ovum cropped


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