23rd April 2017

Just trying to catch up and here are a few new ones for the garden and for the year, all micros moths bar 1 and now starts the silly season for ID’ing and will probably not have time to add all the captures to the blog but will certainly try with the macro moths

15.012  [BF 0290] Caloptilia semifascia

15.012 [BF 0290] Caloptilia semifascia

70.160  [BF 1835] White-spotted Pug (Eupithecia tripunctaria)

70.160 [BF 1835] White-spotted Pug (Eupithecia tripunctaria)

16.024  [BF 0445] Ocnerostoma friesei

16.024 [BF 0445] Ocnerostoma friesei

15.063  [BF 0341] Phyllonorycter maestingella

15.063 [BF 0341] Phyllonorycter maestingella

38.037  [BF 0607] Elachista canapennella

38.037 [BF 0607] Elachista canapennella

Parornix species – this would need dissecting for confirmation of ID!

Parornix species

70.081  [BF 1768] Grey Pine Carpet (Thera obeliscata)

70.081 [BF 1768] Grey Pine Carpet (Thera obeliscata)

37.063  [BF 0544] Coleophora albicosta

37.063 [BF 0544] Coleophora albicosta

49.240  [BF 1136] Epinotia immundana

49.240 [BF 1136] Epinotia immundana


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