Moth Update

Hi, been a bit remiss on the moth front lately, anyway here are some examples from the last couple of weeks with a few very exciting finds and certainly new for garden. Trap was out on Friday and had 65 species a record for me for this time of year. I was also out with the moth group on Friday with 6 lamps we had 119 species of moth between us.

70.036  [BF 1680] Maiden’s Blush (Cyclophora punctaria) – Local

70.036 [BF 1680] Maiden's Blush (Cyclophora punctaria)

69.003  [BF 1981] Poplar Hawk-moth (Laothoe populi) First Hawk Moth species of the year I have also now had Eyed and lime pictures are rubbish so have not put on here

69.003 [BF 1981] Poplar Hawk-moth (Laothoe populi)

70.029  [BF 1682] Blood-Vein (Timandra comae)

70.029 [BF 1682] Blood-Vein (Timandra comae)

70.224  [BF 1904] Scorched Wing (Plagodis dolabraria) – Local

70.224 [BF 1904] Scorched Wing (Plagodis dolabraria)

73.052  [BF 2216] Shark (Cucullia umbratica)

73.052 [BF 2216] Shark (Cucullia umbratica)

65.013  [BF 1657] Common Lutestring (Ochropacha duplaris) – NFG

65.013 [BF 1657] Common Lutestring (Ochropacha duplaris)

73.039  [BF 2279] Sycamore (Acronicta aceris) – Local. The larvae which I have yet to find is an incredible looking caterpiller

73.039 [BF 2279] Sycamore (Acronicta aceris)

70.283  [BF 1961] Light Emerald (Campaea margaritaria)

70.283 [BF 1961] Light Emerald (Campaea margaritaria)

49.166  [BF 1076] Celypha lacunana

49.166 [BF 1076] Celypha lacunana

62.047  [BF 1461] Assara terebrella – NFG & Nationally Scarce (Na)

62.047 [BF 1461] Assara terebrella

10.001  [BF 0123] Tischeria ekebladella – NFG

10.001 [BF 0123] Tischeria ekebladella

70.114  [BF 1876] Small Yellow Wave (Hydrelia flammeolaria)

70.114 [BF 1876] Small Yellow Wave (Hydrelia flammeolaria)

70.050  [BF 1721] Balsam Carpet (Xanthorhoe biriviata) – NFG, uncommon and In Hampshire first reported at Wherwell in 1964 the larvae which feeds on Orange Balsam is an attractive but non native plant. If you know where there is any plant growing in Hampshire please let me know.

70.050 [BF 1721] Balsam Carpet (Xanthorhoe biriviata)

Trap will go out again tonight








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